Half way done with 2015

So we are a few days of being half way done with 2015 and the heat is on in south Texas.  So far, am still plugging away in submitting job applications, but continue to receive those email rejection letters such as this one:

After careful review and consideration of the applications received for the position of Human Resources Assistant, the hiring department selected candidates whose qualifications closely match the requirements of the position. Though you are not a finalist, we appreciate the time and effort you expended in the process, and we appreciate your interest in employment at Incarnate Word University. We wish you future success in fulfilling your personal and professional goals and encourage you to watch our web page for future opportunities.

A listing of other job openings and qualifications are available online at https://jobs.uiw.edu/ .


University of the Incarnate Word


Going into 2015, was hoping to be invited to more interviews and get a job offer, but so far only have had one interview so far.

Lately, to get my mind off of the job search and rejection letters, I’ve been reading and just doing some art drawing.  Am one my 2nd book and half way done.  It taking me awhile to finish, since I consider myself a slow reader and I like to make sure am processing everything that am reading. You know, make sure I know what am reading and what going on.  As for the art, I decided to change it up a little from portrait drawing to just drawing whatever comes to mind or I see.  I’ve also started using color pencil just to experiment. What do you think?

color pencil drawing.polaroid camera


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