To Facebook or not to Facebook

Last week I decided to deactivate my Facebook account and see how long I can go without it. Well, I went one whole week without reactivating my account and not even taking a pick into what going on in my Facebook world.  I’ve been on Facebook since it was only available to college students only. Remember those days?  For the past few months, I’ve been thinking whether I really need Facebook in my life and maybe it time to let it go.  Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is great to keep in touch with family, friends, co-worker or marketing your business.  For me, the reason why I wanted to depart from Facebook is that I really don’t have any need for it, it just a time waster.  I figure I could do something more valuable with that time.  The friends I have on Facebook, I don’t communicate with anymore and vice-versa. Beside, majority of them don’t live in the same city as I do.  Since I am in the phase of trying to find employment, I  just hate seeing post about people change careers or advancing, going on vacation, and then am here still trying to find a job and start my career.   It nothing against them, it just make you feel that you are behind in the career life.

So this weekend I might log back on into Facebook, but there a part of me that says, “just let it go, move on beyond facebook”.  Will see what happens, maybe I can might it two weeks or a month with Facebook.   Anyone else has departed ways with their Facebook account?  Was it tough/easy, does it make you feel that you have more time to do other things?



2 thoughts on “To Facebook or not to Facebook

  1. I have felt this way about Facebook since I started blogging….or maybe long before then…I hate when I “supposed” close friends say “I haven’t seen you on Facebook lately…what’s up?” I feel like saying in return “Well have you read my blog?” Guess only another blogger would understand that perspective.

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