Growing a garden

DSC00532I’ve should have written this post like a month or two ago about my experience  growing your own garden.  Just recently I’ve seen and read articles on the internet about tips for growing your own garden.  Growing your own garden in my opinion is a trail and error process, just because we all live different areas, different weather, some of us have a yard, soil and it depends on what you want to grow.  In one of the articles I’ve read from yahoo there was a comment left about tomatoes.  The comment was the, unless your garden is enclosed in a fence, top and sides, you are feeding the local critters in the neighborhood. Squirrels take a bite of a tomato and leave it, its ruined.  Well from my experience, critters will always find a way into your garden unless you have a green house, but will some how, they will find a way to get in.  Now I don’t know if the commenter met tomatoes that were already red or tomatoes that were still green and not ready to pick.  When I grow tomatoes and see that they are a descent size and are beginning to turn red, I’ll pick them right away.  Yes, it still hasn’t turn completely red, but if you wait, birds or other critters will get to it before you do.  Once I pick them, I put them near a window that gets enough sunlight and they will change to a red color in a few days.

Growing a garden is hard work, but it shouldn’t be stressful or cost you that much.  I have learned this because I help my dad with our garden.  We buy our seeds from those small nursery stores and depending what we are planting, put them in those greenhouse starter kits and once they grown to a certain size, transplant them into the ground.  Now, not all plants do well when transplanting them to the ground.  Some you just need to put in the ground as a seed and see what happens.  From there it just watering and maintain the area they are growing in.  You will have some set backs, but it all part of the learning process.



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