Writing 101:A Room with a View

Day Two: A Room with a View

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Walking down a hallway.  As I walk I see white painted brick walls with a plastic glass window.  Looking through the glass a room decorate with letters, numbers, and many different color images.  As I continue to walk, looking left and looking right, I see many other rooms each decorated differently from the ones before it. Each room have a wall painted green with white writing and a dusty powder on the surface.   Every two rooms divided I pass by are divided by a hallway that lead to other rooms.  As I walk down the hallway I hear the echo of many voice only to get louder and louder as I approach a big open space with a high ceiling, bright white lights, and a white tile floor.  There, in this big open space are small little bodies sitting down at these long table with brown chairs surround both sides of the table.  Some of this small bodies are just walking around.  Within these small bodies are giants, staring at each of these small bodies, like lion stalking their pray.  Some of sitting next to this small bodies and talking with other giants.

I would like to travel back to when I was in elementary.  It was a different time compared to today. no cell phone, internet, kids were aloud to be kids.  The place that am describing is my elementary where I would having to walk down a long hallway with classrooms on my right and left.  Back then they had a large and wide window where you could stare inside the classroom.  This long hallway lead to the school cafeteria where all the kid would gather in the morning either by themselves or with their parent(s) to eat breakfast.  Of course they were a lot of staff watching and interacting with students.



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