The digital social life

I’ve been blogging for about 2 or 3 years and what I’ve have learned through my photography blog and this blog, is that there are a lot of interesting people out there.  People whom you probably would have never met or knew that were out there if the internet was never invented. Which leads me to this question, is blogging the new way of meeting people or having somewhat a “social life” or in this case a “digital social life”.

Since I finished school, I’ve really haven’t had much of a social life. one I don’t have a job, so I don’t have money and second I don’t have a car.  Am sure you still can have a social life without either of those things, but will save that for another blog post for another day.  When you look at blogging, we all or some of use introduce ourselves by using a “about me” page or just make a general post.  Some of us skip that part and let our blog tell who you are.   When we post something on our blog, we are interacting with our viewers, by sharing something that may be personal, professional, might be your opinion on a issues, or maybe expressing yourself.  Whatever it may be we are interacting and our audience may interact back by liking your post, commenting on it, and/or follow you.  We are socializing, just as if you met someone at a coffee shop or maybe a party.  We may not be communicating in a vocal way or using our month, but typing out what we probably would say if we were actually face to face with your audience.

What are some interesting bloggers/people you have met or found through blogging?  Me, there this one blogger and  from his blog, he is a freelance journalist. The photographs that he take during his travels are awesome  In the back of my head, I wish I had his job. Being able to travel to different parts of the world. Me, am still trying to figure out how people travel so much and not go broke financially.   Another interesting blog I found interesting are a group of women who enjoy reading a good book, sunny days, and as the law allows being topless in public. Now people might have different opinions about woman being topless, but they are exercising their rights as the law allows, to me that take a lot of guts to do that.  Beside find bloggers here in the U.S, I found many other bloggers across the global who have interesting blogs and content that I can relate to, plus learn what life is like in other parts of the world.

Technology  today has open the door and allowed use communicate with more people from all around the global.  Something that probably wasn’t possible when  we were still hand writing letters and dropping them off at the post office.  Remember those days?


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