Cover letter challenge 2

Just a week or so ago, I wrote a post about my challenge of writing a cover.  After getting some input, I wrote another one that doesn’t talk about my little work experience that I have.  This time I tried to force more about me and my “work ethnic”.  If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be writing cover letters, but since everything is computerize these days, the actual application can check whether you upload one or not. If you didn’t, it won’t let you submit the application.  The same goes with references, on some jobs application the computer won’t let you continue and/or submit your application until you have provided references.

 I believe my unique blend of skills and experience, along with my education has prepared me to be an ideal candidate for this position.  In addition, I am confident that I will be a great asset to your team.

What make me the prefect fit for this position?  My strong work ethic that I have developed over the years, which has gotten me through college and the small work experience that I have obtain.  Being punctual is just one of my strongest work ethic, but also having a great learning agility and being able to adapt to a changing environment.  During my college year, I had to adapt quickly, not because it was college.  I was diagnose with a learning disability my sophomore year, so I had to constantly change my learning strategy for every class.

My learning agility not only help me be successful in the classroom, it help me find employment to.  I took it upon myself to learn another skill that I couldn’t acquire at school or other jobs.  Buying a book and using the internet, I learned how to code in HTML and CSS, plus learned how to use Photoshop.  This led me to finding employment at the University of Texas at Austin as a Student Technology Assistant and as an Undergraduate Assistant.


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