Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

Just a Dream
You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

There I am, walking down a dark and chilling hallway. Not aware the cold feeling on my skin, is the reality of my body being in bed reacting to the cold chilling weather sipping in through a open crack on the bottom of the window frame. Cold air filtering into my room, effecting the room temperature in my bedroom. As I walk down this hallway, the wall made out of brick, am come upon 3 closed doors. Not knowing what behind these doors, I stand there staring at them for moment, then decide to walk back down the hall I came from. Walking and looking at my surrounding, my two bare feet feel numb from the cold brick floor. After walking a few feet away from the 3 doors, I come to a stop, to a brick wall, blocking my path that lead me to those doors.
Panciky and use my right fist, I pound this brick wall, hoping I can walk up from this nightmare, only to realize that my only option is to walk back down the hallway toward the three doors that await for me to decided which one will I open. Walking slowing toward the doors, I begin to think what door will I open. The one on the left, the one on the right or the one in the middle. My body shivering from the cold air, I stand there in front of these doors. My right hand reaches out towards the door on the left and as I slowly turn the door handle, pushing the door forward. I walk though this door, no light, just darkness. Walking slowing through the door way, the door slowly closes behind me and of all a sudden I feel a sharp folk like object stabbing me in the back and another scratching me at the same time.
From my body panicky, I woke up, feeling the cold air from the crack window frame and realize the stabbing and scratching feeling was my dog lay next me to keep warm under the covers. With her paws and sharp toe nails near my back, she would stretch her legs toward my back that it felt like a stabbing and scratching feeling. Mans best friend just contribute to my nightmare.



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