Daily Prompt: Me Time

Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday morning usually starts with my dogs waking me up, either by their barking or by coming to my room to wake me up. From mostly likely to least likely, they either want their dogs treat or if am out of dog treats I give them their dry dog food.  Next thing their water bowl is empty and if it none of those things, they need to go outside.    Once I’ve taken care of them, I usually get on the computer and do the same thing that most people do, check their Facebook, email, see and read what going on in the news, and also check my blog.

After that I will usually go to the gym and work out.  Depending on the weather, if it a nice day, I would prefer to go out for walk in the downtown area.  Of course like any other person whose a amateur or professional photographer, can’t leave without my cameras.  I carry two cameras the the majority of the time: one camera loaded with color film and the other with black and white film.  Oh, yeah I still shoot film.  After spending a few hours walking around downtown, I usually get something to eat and then head to the bus stop to go back home.  Once am back at home, I get a big warm and crazy greeting from my 3 dogs like if I been away for days or years.

Unfortunately, today here in South Texas its cold, cloudy and wet.  Beside my dogs doing what they do every morning, I was only able to go the gym today.

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