Blogging101: Set yourself up for success

As Blogging 101 is coming to a end, my goals/editorial calendar are as so:

1. To at least publish 1 or 2 post a week.

2. whether or not I’ve publish those 1 or 2 post, I will also be responding to the daily prompts.

3.  I hope I can find another event that will challenge my writing ability or creativity.  I probably never mentioned this, but writing has never been my strong suit. Not sure if it show in my writing.  I just hope like with everything else that need practice to get better, I will improve in my writing.  I’ve seen it other things I’ve done in the past like swimming, dancing and most recent drawing.

Of course if my blog doesn’t have anything that is relevant to you or interesting, please feel free to drop in on my photography blog.  In this digital world people go crazy with digital cameras, but not me.  I still shoot film, and am sure for those of you who grew before the digital age, remember film.




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