The task of keeping up with technology

In the world we live in today it important to keep up with the latest technology. It not only important for personal reasons, but for professional reasons as well.  As my constant journey in finding full-time employment, I’ve discover that if you don’t keep up with the technology trends, it may hurt you in getting that job.  Now when I mean keeping up with latest technology trends, I don’t mean if you have the newest iPhone or latest Samsung tablet.  What I mean, are you current with using the newest Microsoft office(Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or if your career requires you to you to use Adobe products such as Dreameweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Now, how can not keeping up with the latest technology hurt you in getting that job.  From personal experience, part of the job application may be testing your knowledge and understanding how to use Microsoft Word.  In my case, I was tested on the latest version of Word where as at home I’ve still was using a older version.  The test was done on a computer, where they asked you how to do certain task such as create a table or adjust your margins.  To do these you had to click exactly where you would go on Microsoft word to create a table or whatever the task was.  You couldn’t browse through the menus looking for the table options, you had to know where exactly where it was or the computer would mark that task as wrong.  So as you can image, I failed that part of the test even though I knew how to do that task, but since I was tested on the newest version with a new user interface, I end up not passing, nor getting a interview.

So today, not only do I face the task of find a job, but how do I keep up with latest software/hardware?  To tell you the truth, I don’t have a answer, except that I hope the my learning agility is more then enough to learn anything I need to know for any job opportunity that comes my way.



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