Daily Prompt: Cut off

Daily Prompt: Cut Off

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

I can’t recall if I ever felt being truly lonely. I’ve have gotten use to doing things on my own and being by myself. Not sure if that has to do with being a introvert or if am just able to adapt to my environment.

During my college years I discovered that I didn’t fit the general norm of a college student who partied and got wasted. I was probably the only few students who you could find on a college campus that didn’t drink. It just not my cup of tea. In my mind I don’t see the fun of going bar hopping or going to parties, and getting wasted. Some people might say, “you got to loosen up” ,”have a drink”. I actually had one roommate tell me I had to learn how to relax and have a beer.  I found myself surrounded by people who only priority for the weekend was going to the bar, parties, drink, and getting wasted. Once the weekend was over, the only conservations I would hear about is how crazy of a night/weekend it was. This didn’t discourage me from having a social life in college, in fact it push me to find other activities that didn’t involve beer.

Since most of my friends where into getting drunk or going bar hopping, I found my “get away” by learning how to dance and hitting the Latin club. I found out that people who don’t drink can still have fun without the alcohol. The down side only was this was something I had to alone, but found other people who shared the same interest in going dancing on Thursday nights. Through out my college days I would go alone to the Latin dance clubs to dance and met a lot of other people who were not students.

Today I can accept that I am a lone ranger. I do a lot of thing on my own and hardly get invited by friends to hang out.  Even if it was me ask them if they would like to hang out. Maybe, it because of my personality, being an introvert, or because I don’t drink, so I wouldn’t be any fun. The best thing about being a loner is I don’t have take care of anyone.

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