My Photography Hobby

As I mentioned in my about page that photography is one of my hobbies.  What separates me from other amateur photographers is that I don’t use a digital camera to take pictures, I use the old school 35mm film camera.  I brought my first 35mm film camera, a Nikon FM10 awhile I was in high school and just two years ago brought another camera, a Canon AE-1.

If you are wondering why I still use film and not digital, well there are several reasons.  One reason is that when I shoot with film, there a different feel and thinking of what you are going to take a photo of.  With film, it forces you to slow down because you only have 24 or 36 shots, so you want to make them count.  With digital you can go crazy and take as many shots you want without thinking about what you are shooting and spend a lot time look at the screen reviewing and deleting pictures. You can’t do that with film, where you have to wait until you develop the film yourself or take it a photo lab that develops film.

Many people would think that film is a obsolete technology like so many other technology that the digital age killed off, but it is still alive.  I thought the same thing myself until I got on wordpress and found out that there are still people out there using film.  You can read more about Why I shoot film on my photo blog.  If you yourself are a digital photographer or thinking about starting photographing, I would highly recommending trying film.


9 thoughts on “My Photography Hobby

  1. I am impressed that you use the old camera and film to shoot and I completely understand where you come from and what your thought processes are.
    I would like to see some of your photos. How do you upload your photos from the old camera onto your blog site ?


  2. Totally agree with you about digital cameras- snapping away, deleting many of them. I often think my son will grow up to believe he was always happy, always handsome as a child, just because we delete all the pics where he isn’t!
    When I think of some of the pics of me, a child in the ’70s- apart from the loons and mad, flowery prints (and the endless colour brown), there was red eye and closed eyes and people with heads cut off, and my dad’s fixation with birds (flying variety) which meant we had umpteen pics of the same duck, seemingly from miles away! Happy days 🙂


    1. Hi Lynn Love, I totally understand what you mean. I grew up in the 80s/90s so my parents took pictures of me and my brother and sister using film. Its always cool looking back at those pictures because you can remember what you doing at the moment when the picture was taken.


  3. Over the last few years I had all my photos scanned including my slides. I really notice the difference in composition (or lack thereof…) when I’m just tapping on my phone camera. I keep thinking it’d be fun to go back to shooting film.

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    1. I can’t give you a honest answer cause I’ve never used polaroid, but if I was in the position that I never use film or polariod, I would go with polaroid. Just because you can see your photo in a few second. Beside you can always buy a disposable camera or a simple point-and shoot camera to try film. They don’t cost that much compared to the 35mm SLR cameras. You can view my photos at

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