The Cover letter challenge

As I continue my hunt for a full-time job, reading the job descriptions and scrolling to the bottom of the page to see that a cover letter is required for the job application.  The first word that pops in my head is, “Damn!”.  I hate cover letters, it not having to write them, it more that a person such as myself faces a difficult task in trying to make myself marketable with little job experience.  How can my cover letter compete against other people’s cover letter who may have far more experience and have something to show for it?  Me, yes I have some work experience, but nothing to show for it. Well this is short post because got to get back and write a cover letter.




7 thoughts on “The Cover letter challenge

  1. The key to a good cover letter is make it different. Don’t use the same old style that everyone else does. Make your personality shine in a good way. Be different!


  2. If your resume interests the hiring manager, he or she will definitely read the cover letter! You don’t need experience, just skills. If you are organized and detail oriented and follow through on tasks (good grades in school) tell them! Are you a leader (sports, babysitting, oldest sibling)?–explain. Are you a quick learner and able to follow directions (success at a lower level job)? Look at the traits you possess, not necessarily the experiences, and explain how those traits would be helpful in the work environment you are trying to enter. Good luck! And be sure to proofread. Glaring grammar errors or typos suggest the person is sloppy. No one is looking for that trait in a new hire. 🙂


    1. Hello Remedial Prof, Thank You for you comment and your advice. Just wondering what is you opinion on putting a professional statement on your resume? Is it helpful or just a distraction and waste of space?


      1. If you mean by professional statement a short statement of your objective, then yes, only if it is meaningful and tells something the reader wouldn’t already know by just reading the resume. Also, if the resume already looks cluttered, don’t fill valuable white space with words that don’t add value.


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