make a prompt personal: Wall to Wall

We all have a wall that we let people see to learn who we are our. It is both a imaginary wall and in this digital world we live in today it a also a digital wall. Some of us have the same content on both walls, awhile others have two different walls. One wall is for people who you don’t want to give out to much information about yourself and the other wall is for people who you are comfortable knowing this information
In my case my walls are different, not because I don’t want to share who I am, but I like to keep my walls like a puzzle or mysterious. I don’t want to be predictable, even though I think a few of my friends think they know me very well. Some of the common stuff that you will see on my walls are:
1. I like the color blue.
2. photography is one of favorite hobby. My second favorite hobby that some people don’t know about is astronomy.
3. I enjoy mostly all types of music. I really don’t listen to rap. It just not my cup of tea.
4. I do garden or I help out my dad with his garden. I will be doing a post about this soon.
5. O I have 3 dogs.


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