To be single or not to be single

To be single or not to single. That is the question.  Well it that time of the month again, yes Valentine Day is here and what are we single people to do? Well for me it not about being single on Valentine Day, it more the question will I be single until I die or is there a Ms. Right out there for me. Let me open the cans of beans here, I’ve never been in a relationship, so it just one of those question that I think about every now and then.  Why haven’t I’ve been in a relationship? Maybe because before I went to college, you could say I was very shy and quiet.  I will admit that I did have a crush on one girl since elementary, all the way through middle, and high school, plus we even had a few classes together.  I never told her or ask her out, but I think she knew that I had a crush on her.

I did break out of shy and quiet shell once I was in college which is not a surprise.  Being single in college, you learn that most of the time you have to do things on your own since a lot of your friends were with their boy/girlfriend or occupied with other college activities.  So being single I learned how to dance and start hitting the dance club where the my next challenge was asking girls to dance. O when I mean asking a girl to dance, I don’t mean that free style, rubbing again each other type of dance.  I was asking girls if they wanted to dance salsa/merengue. If you never been to a Latin club, it can be intimating and the dance floor can be dangerous. Getting step on with high heels or elbow on the head, O my.  But that for another post.  Being shy didn’t help at all when it came to asking a girl to dance, so I had to over that fear and shyness.  Didn’t take that long for me to over come that obstacle, but once I did, it was a point of no return.

During my college days I did ask a few girls out  and even today have ask one girl, but got the nice, “not looking for a relationship at this time” reply.  Which is cool and I understand, since I am still trying to figure what my purpose, on this world we live in.  But once I have somewhat of an idea, maybe the tide will change.  As for now the question of will I’ll be single until I die or the does the Holy man up stair have someone out there for to me to find, will be in the back of my mind.  Being single is great, but am sure there must be a few things you can only experience once you are in a relationship.  Am I wrong?




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