Blogging101:Targeting your dream audience

1327998356793088076-300x300Today I received my first email rejection job letter for 2015 for a job I applied to about a week ago.  This job was for a receptionist position at Whataburger corperate headquates here in San Antonio, Texas. Am not upset that I got the notice because I know there will be more to come as I continue to apply to other job positions. As I continue my job hunting journey I would like to address all employers and human resource staff who make the decision on who they should interview, hire and those the look over the resume.

First, I would like to ask, how does one get “experience” if companies don’t give anyone a chance to gain that work experience? How did you get the work experience that gave you the job position you have today?  Someone gave you that opportunity to gain the work experience.  Well that is the only way am I going to get that experience.  Maybe my resume doesn’t look  interesting and I admit that I don’t have that work experience that can show you what I can do and the potential that I have if you were to hire me.  All I know is that I am capable to doing any job, am always willing to learn and train myself to new things.  I taught myself how to code in html and css and took a swimming class 3 time, just to learn how to swim.  I may not have the work experience, but I have a great professional work ethnic.  Besides being a hard worker, am always on time, and just willingness to adjust to any rapid changing environment.




6 thoughts on “Blogging101:Targeting your dream audience

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! All it takes is one person that has the willingness to give you a chance but unfortunately, people like that are so rare these days, even in the recruiting world. To me, skills can be easily learned or learned over time; however, passion is something that can’t be taught.

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  2. True. You might try interning a few hours a week in a field you are interesting in pursuing – just to get your feet wet. Employers like to see that on a resume. Just a thought
    Great post! Best wishes


  3. Donna, I tried an internship before, but it didn’t go well. I was hoping that would have been my big break, but it was a dead end. I spent most of my time just sit there doing nothing, even after asking several time is there something I can help with. Just to show them what I can do. I still keeping that internship option open, but a lot of the internship position require you to be a student or have a portfolio.


  4. I liked this post because it is very relatable. You can’t have experience if the opportunity is not first given. In fact after I finished college, I actually asked that question point blank to an interviewer. He acknowledged that it was a valid point, but with the recession they had to be picky, and experience was a requirement for them at that time. Good luck with your endeavors, it’ll happen.


  5. This is a tough one. You wouldn’t want to work for free full-time because bills need to be paid, but you need to find that experience. Every job I’ve ever had has been because I’ve known someone, or I had the perfect experience to fit the posting. My secret? I volunteer! I’m an avid volunteer. I like to find positions that speak to my heart and help me beef-up my resume. Freenet Toronto is one of those places: I get to help a community non-profit internet company that gives free internet connects to the disabled AND I get to take free courses that increase my computing skills in return for the hours I give them. Don’t spend every day volunteering though, you need to be paid too for that. Instead use about 10 hours a week dedicated to volunteer work. The other option that I have also found helpful is using a temp agency to fill any skill gaps I find. Perhaps I need more experience working with children, or in customer service, then I go to a temp agency and tell them I need short term contracts with experience focusing on those areas. I hope these suggestions help! 🙂 ❤


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