Gym Etiquette

untitled-1Like every new year, people rush to the gym to get a membership because they want to get into shape.  One important thing people forget about working out at the gym are “gym etiquettes”.  Both sexes are guilty of not following gym etiquettes and I’ve seen it happen at the gym I go to.

One of those gym etiquettes people don’t follow is picking and cleaning up after them self.  If you are using any free weights please return them to where they belong. so other people who may be looking for them can use them.  It will only takes less then a minute for you to put the equipment back where it belongs. If you are using any of the equipment and weather or not you are dripping with sweat, please wipe down the equipment.  Nobody want to use equipment that has your sweat and germs on it.

This next one I think goes more towards the guys, but am sure a few females do these to. Don’t be equipment hoggers where you are using more the one equipment at a time.  A gym only has so much equipment to go around, so be mindful 0f people who are waiting for you to be done with your workout set. Let the person workout a set awhile you do your other set.

All of us look in the mirror before we go out party with friends or go to work, so you should do the same before leaving the house to head to the gym. Ladies please take a few minutes and check your dress attire in the mirror from different angles and/or whatever activity you will be doing.  Just make sure that nothing out of place that might cause an embarrassing moment or might draw some eye  attention. I’ve seen a few girl run on the trend mill and not wearing a supportive bra, so you know what bouncing everywhere.  Also, I understand we want to dress comfortable, but please be aware of showing to must skin.  As a guy it feels awkward working out and there a girl in front of me showing cleavage or just exposing to a to much skin that it looks like if I staring.

There are many more gym etiquettes to follow and if you are new to a gym, you can google gym etiquettes or ask you gym what are some rules that they request their members to follow when using their facilities.




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