A visit to the dentist

After a year and a half I made a appointment with the dentist.  Like a lot people out here, there that fear about going to the dentist which I totally understand.  My fear is not about going, but more about, “what are they going to find and tell me what I need to get fix and does it need to be fixed?”  To put in another way, it like when your car’s brakes need fixing or something that require a lot of work and skill. So you take it to a car shop and they will do whatever mechanics do to fix the problem, but come back and tell you that there addition stuff that need to be fix.  That will cost you more money, but unless you are mechanic and know your stuff, they are just adding those addition repairs to make more money.  Yes, your brakes need to be fix, but everything is else with your car is fine.  This is how I sometime feel about going to the dentist.

So I went in for my check-up.  You know the routine, they do X-rays of your teeth, check your gums, and check your teeth for anything that needs attention.  Well my gums were okay, but since I was pass-do for a deep cleaning, they suggested I set up a appointment with the dental hygienist.  Beside that, I had no cavities, which I was happy, but the dentist did notice a crack on a old  big filling I have.  At the end of the check-up I would think that any dentist would sit with their patient to discusses what needs attention, why, and show their patient where on the x-ray where problem is at. At this dental office I notice that many of the dentist don’t do that. It usually the dental assistant that is with them in there.  I understand they have many more patient to see, but in my opinion I feel a whole lot better if it was them to tell me what going on in my month since it him/her am paying to fix it.  Anyone else feel the same way or similar experience?  Just so you know this is not a private dental office. I will end up setting up other appointment so I can see the dentist and discuss what going on in my month and ask the pro and cons of the treatment she/he will be doing.


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