Is majoring in Liberal Arts Worth it?

Now that the holidays are over, college students will be returning to school start the spring semester.  It been six and a half years since I’ve been in a college classroom, and I kind of miss college life.  As students return to the classroom, some will be declaring their major, others will be changing majors.  There will also be those getting ready to graduate in 4 months and will be entering the real world. Which lead me to the questions for those majoring or choosing to major in Liberal Arts. Is majoring in Liberal Arts worth it?

In today job market how does your Liberal Arts degree help you get that job? When I was going to school, the sales pitch for getting a liberal art degree was that employers are looking for people who have a well rounded educational background.  Someone who can think outside the box.  Well, I have found out that this is not the case.  As I’ve applied for job here and there, I found out that having a liberal Art degree or in my case a sociology degree was unless. It was unless because I couldn’t bring anything that I learned in any of my classes to give me a small advantage in getting that job.  There was nothing of “market value” that I could use to sale myself to a employer.  A business major can share what he/she learned in the classroom about “X” and how that applies to the company goals, expectations or the job duties.

If you are majoring in Liberal Arts, my advise to you is try to get a minor in business or if you have the time get a internship or two. Stay another year in school and try to get that internship experience.  Getting an internship and having some experience under your belt is the best thing you can do. First, it get your foot in the door with a company, second you will learn things that you can’t learn in the classroom, and third, in my opinion, employers are looking for people with real work experience.  I think in today job market work experience hold more value then a degree.  Don’t get me wrong, a degree is important, but without that work experience, it can be a challenge getting that job.


One thought on “Is majoring in Liberal Arts Worth it?

  1. A professor told me that a liberal arts degree is good for advancement once we get in somewhere. I agree with you on the minor idea. Internships would totally help too.


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