Goals for 2015

Hi everyone, as we start a New Year we all have goals that we tell our self  of what we want to do and accomplish.  Some might be personal goals such as losing weight, maybe traveling to another country or some of you might have professional goals like moving to a higher position within your company or begin your own business.  Well, my goals for 2015 is finding Full-Time Employment.  Currently, am a substitute teacher for a local school district and I also score assessment test for a company called Pearson. If you are wondering what kind of test, all those test the kids must take in school.

Why is my goal for 2015 to find full-time employment? I graduated from UT-Austin in 2008 and since then haven’t been able to find work.  It been six and a half years.  I filled out applications, submitted my resume, had a couple of interviews, but never got a job offer. Reason why I didn’t a job offer or don’t get called for an interview? In my opinion, I think it because I lack real world experience. How does one get real world experience if no one hires them?  The work I do now, is okay, but it not a stable job.   Substitute teachers are only called up when the school needs them, so you don’t know when you’ll be working and the other job scoring assessment test is about the same thing, it not stable.

If I can accomplish my goal in finding full-time employment, my next goal would be start saving up and do some traveling.  I don’t know how people travel so much without going broke.  Anyone willing to share their secret in traveling so much? How can you afford it?




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